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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help my case?

The serves clients in Coahoma County, Tallahatchie County, Leflore County and Quitman County from the Sumner, Mississippi, office. I offer fair pricing and fast legal help. Call today at 662-345-3051, or reach out online to learn how I can assist you.

Will my case be expensive?

It is much more cost-effective to utilize an attorney for your case rather than battle through the process yourself. I can help mitigate errors and prevent common mistakes, and I will look out for your best interests as your case develops. It also prevents you from needing to take time off work for case preparation and hearings.

Why do I need a lawyer before I buy property?

Using a trusted real estate lawyer will ensure your property is free of liens and other financial issues. I can determine that the seller owns the property and look for problems in the title to the property and documentation. Issues with real estate are best discovered early in the process so I can find a solution that best suits your needs.

Why do I need a lawyer to sell my property?

I will ensure the deed to your property is legally binding and signed by all necessary parties. I can help mitigate risk to your finances and having the deal fall through. Having a lawyer assist on your real estate case is inexpensive and straightforward – it is a simple, low-cost addition that can save you money and time overall.

Do I need a will?

Many clients believe that if they die without a will, the state will take their property. This is not always the case. However, your assets can enter the probate process with undetermined outcomes. Your next of kin may not receive the assets you wished or may have to pay costs for your property.

A will can help your loved ones avoid an arduous process and costly probate issues. Estate planning is not a very complicated process and is inexpensive for many people. It is a low-cost, high return legal option that will benefit everyone in the future.

I was injured. What do I do now?

Contact a lawyer right away to discuss your personal injury case. Do not talk to the insurance company first, and do not accept the deal they present to you. A skilled attorney will review the case and deal to ensure the compensation you receive is fair. In most cases, the insurance agency will offer you a compensation package much lower than you deserve.

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