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At the Law Office of Rob Tyner, I offer detailed and efficient services for legal challenges that you may face at any stage in your life. Whether your needs concern real estate, planning for the future of your estate, the pursuit of compensation for a personal injury or court representation, I am the right choice for residents in Tallahatchie, Quitman, Coahoma and Leflore counties who are seeking skilled legal representation.

Call my Sumner office at 662-375-8756 for a consultation on what actions your case requires.

With more than 25 years of legal experience, I strive to offer a high level of excellence to my clients. In every case, I consider past, current and future policy changes, issues and local matters that may affect your situation now and in the future. I am skilled at offering solid legal advice in clear terms and developing comprehensive legal solutions for any aspect of your life.

Personalized Service, Personal Relationships

With a strong knowledge from living and working in this community, I understand the unique aspects to this area. I know the land, the businesses and, likely, the other people involved in your case.

I serve everyone from international clients to our next-door neighbors. Services are affordable, and my dedicated practice serves all socioeconomic statuses. I have a long history of successfully prosecuting and defending clients in court for civil litigation cases – I know and understand both sides of the Mississippi legal system.

I Can Help You Find The Right Resources

If your needs are regarding an area of the law that my firm does not handle, I will help you find the right attorney representation for you. I never leave prospective clients without answers. I can refer you to a trusted lawyer for matters such as high-asset tax cases or products liability.

Get started by reviewing commonly asked questions, scheduling your consultation through the easy online form or calling the office during business hours at 662-375-8756.